Welcome to the Women's Studies Program

         The Women's Studies Program is a force for change on campus.  We seek to achieve gender equity in all aspects of campus life, from academics to administration to student life and to community relations.  Since women come from all races, all sexualities, and all socioeconomic classes, Women's Studies faculty, staff and students share a commitment to social justice generally and to living politically and intellectually engaged lives.   
         The Women's Studies Program offers multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses that focus on gender as a category of analysis.  Aside from a commitment to expanding students' understanding of how gender operates within human endeavors, Women's Studies courses exhibit considerable variation in theory and practice. 
          Students may elect to complete the twenty-one credit Women's Studies concentration which serves as a valuable complement to a student's major.  After completing her or his concentration, a Women's Studies concentrator should be able to:

  • Reflect critically on the gendered construction of the world and her/his place in and experience of that world;
  • Be familiar with feminist critiques of male dominance and feminist strategies of resistance to that dominance;
  • Engage with the various concerns, debates and theoretical approaches within feminist discourse and women's activism;
  • Discuss race, class, gender, sexuality and issues of power and privilege in thoughtful, informed and productive ways;
  • Understand more fully women's realities and representations within specific fields of study throught the acquisition and development of the necessary specialized knowledge;
  • Suggest connections between her/his major field of study or career goals and feminist analyses;
  • Meet the challenges of living in a multicultural, globally interdependent world.