Certificate of Competence



Certificate of Competence in (Arabic, Chinese, French, German,

 Japanese, Spanish) Language and Culture

The Certificate of Competence in Language and Culture is designed to allow students to demonstrate competence in a language other than English and a competent understanding of the cultural contexts in which that language is spoken. Undergraduate students from any school or college are eligible to apply.

In order to receive the certificate, students will meet a set of requirements combining academic and co-curricular experiences. Upon completion of the Certificate of Competence in Language and Culture, students will receive a certificate that recognizes their achievement and lists the activities in which they have engaged. A notation acknowledging their successful completion of the Certificate will also appear on the student's university transcript.

Specific requirements are outlined below:
I.            In order to receive the Certificate, a student must first complete and submit the application.
II.            At the time a student applies for the certificate, she must have a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. overall.
III.            After having completed all of the requirements for the Certificate and at graduation, a student must have a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. overall and a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. in all college-level language courses.
Additionally, a student must complete a minimum of 14 credit hours, as specified below:
IV.            Two semesters of language studies beyond the intermediate level (6 credit

One of the language courses beyond the intermediate level (beyond 140) may be taken during a study abroad experience with the consent of the Director. Recommended courses for this requirement are those numbered 150 (a topics course, including “Studies in Language and Culture: National Identity in a Trans-National Age,” film, etc.) and 160 (a topics course focusing on literature). Other courses at or above this level may be taken with the approval of the Director.
V.            A course in intercultural communication (3 credit hours);
A student may take WLC 148 or a pre-approved equivalent course from a study abroad program.
VI.            The Study Abroad Experience (5 credit hours)

Before Studying Abroad (1 credit hour)
A student must complete WLC 80. During this course, the student will complete a pre-study abroad survey (e.g., the Global Perspectives Inventory)(one credit hour)
While Studying Abroad (1 credit hour)
The student must complete WLC 81. This study abroad experience may be completed during the academic year or during a summer term. The experience must be in a country in which the language being studied is spoken. It must include experiential learning and be pre-approved by the Director.
After Studying Abroad (3 credit hours)
The student must complete WLC 82, the capstone course. Students will also complete a post-study abroad survey (e.g., the Global Perspectives Inventory) during this course. Students may write a thesis in the target language focusing on a topic related to their major and/or minor.
A student wishing to receive the certificate should speak with the Director as early in her Drake studies as possible. The Director must also approve the study abroad experience in advance. Once a student has been accepted into the certificate program, she will be assigned a faculty advisor.


For more information about the certificate, please contact the Director Dr. Cadd at marc.cadd@drake.edu