Studying German at Drake University is rewarding and productive from the very first day of class. Regardless of the level of study, students work with a native speaker of German and no more than four classmates and use German exclusively as to communicate things that are truly meaningful, i.e., not the mindless filler materials found in many current textbooks.

Through the standard sequence of courses (001, 002, 051, 052, 140, 150, 151, 152, 160), students expand their competencies beyond the initial emphasis on speaking in order to develop skills in listening, writing, and reading. German 150 is a course that can be repeated as the topic of the course changes from semester to semester.


Above is an example of a student's semester project.

Culture is not, of course, neglected in these courses. The faculty of World Languages and Cultures is well aware that culture is embedded in every language. The study of culture is additionally enhanced through the use of weblogs that focus the students attention on many important topical, historical, and useful themes. The blogs are utilized in both English and German, depending on the students level of proficiency with the language.

Students are able to take advantage of this program somewhat to tailor courses to suit their own professional and/or personal goals.  The German professors, who design the courses, get to know all the students in the program and are able to take into consideration who will be in upcoming courses. The size and flexibility of individual sections allow the instructors to consider the needs and wishes of those students.

In addition to their work in the classroom at Drake, German students have a few options for continuing their studies off-campus in other countries.  Check out the study abroad options for students of the German language.

We are also happy to announce that German 002, 052, 151, 152, and 160 are available to count toward students requirements for the Areas of Inquiry in the category of Global and Cultural Understanding!  Students are able to take language courses to fulfill these university-wide requirements toward graduation. 


Faculty Contact Information

Dr. Marc Cadd


Courses Offered

GERM 001 - Beginning German I

GERM 002 - Beginning German II

GERM 051 - Intermediate German I

GERM 052 - Intermediate German II

GERM 140 - Practical Speaking and Writing

GERM 150 - German Language and Culture

GERM 151 - German National Identity in a Transnational Age

GERM 152 - German Film

GERM 160 - German Language and Literature