The Anthropology and Sociology Major [SCSA] Program Description


Description of the Program:

The major in Anthropology and Sociology offers a multidimensional perspective on self and society. These fields, concerned as they are with meaning, difference, and power, cultivate reflexive, interpretive, and empathetic forms of cultural analysis. Drawing together biography, history, and ethnography the major encourages students to critically reflect on the cultural and social diversity of human experience and to seriously engage social problems. Students who chose the ANSO dual major will benefit from the related yet distinct foci of the disciplines so as to better facilitate their understanding of a 21st century world which is internationally and multiculturally linked.

The major prepares students for a variety of vocations in the global society of the 21st century. It also prepares students for graduate study in anthropology, sociology, and for various interdisciplinary areas such as multicultural studies and women's studies. In addition, the major in combination with appropriate additional course work provides a good preparation for law school and various other professional areas.


Program of study for the Anthropology and Sociology major: A minimum of 37 credit hours of anthropology and sociology courses to include:

A. Two Entry-Level Courses:

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, and
One Entry-level sociology course.

B. Two Theory-Intensive Courses (one SOC/one ANTH)

SCSA 101: Feminist Anthropology: Gender, Culture, and Power
SCSA 141 Anthropological Theory
SCSS 70: Psyche, Self and Society
SCSS 133: Sociological Theory
SCSS 150: Documenting Lives
SCSS 151: Criminology
SCSS 170: Deviance
SCSS 174: Feminist Theories of Subjectivity
SCSS 175: Social Stratification

C. Two Methods-Intensive Courses (one SOC/one ANTH)

SCSS 156: Representing Race
SCSS 158: Social Science Statistics
SCSS 159: Methods of Social Research
SCSA 130: Sport & Society
SCSS 150: Studying Global Institutions
SCSA 156: Ethnographic Methods

D. Senior Capstone Experience: One Senior Experience and Capstone Course (4 hours)

E. Elective Courses:All ANSO majors should complete an additional 15 hours in anthropology and sociology. At least 15 of the 37 hours must be drawn from each disciplinary area.


  • In order to graduate with an Anthropology and Sociology Major, students must earn grades of C or higher in each core course.
  • Students completing the Anthropology and Sociology major may not earn a major in sociology nor minors in either sociology or anthropology.