Anthropology Program

Drake University offers a Minor in Anthropology (see below) and a major in Anthropology and Sociology.


Anthropology is the scientific and humanistic study of humanity in all times and places. Traditionally, five subfields compose the discipline of anthropology: cultural anthropology, applied anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and physical anthropology. Currently, the Minor in Anthropology at Drake University focuses on only one of these subfields, cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology explores human beliefs and behaviors cross-culturally and historically. As such, it presents a global perspective on the varieties of human experience. At root, cultural anthropology strives to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange. The Minor in Anthropology at Drake University provides students with a splendid opportunity not only to understand the practices and precepts of others more clearly, but also to understand themselves and their positions in the world better.


The Anthropology Minor


The requirements for the Minor in Anthropology are as follow: Minimum of 18 hours of coursework in anthropology to include SCSA 002 and an additional 15 hours of course work in anthropology. Six hours of the 18 hours of coursework may be from related disciplines or concentrations. However, course substitutions must be approved by the Anthropology Advisor, 9 hours max transfer credit.


Course Substitutions

Students may apply up to six hours outside of anthropology toward the minor. Given the interdisciplinary, holistic qualities of anthropology, as well as the diverse goals and interests of students, appropriate courses arguably can come from throughout the College of Arts and Sciences. To alleviate confusion, standardize the approval process, and encourage students to engage with field, the following procedures govern course substitutions. To begin, courses applied toward the Minor in Anthropology must meet one or more of the criteria listed below. Students should review these criteria and prepare a petition. The petition, to be presented to the Anthropology Advisor, will include a brief written statement indicating how the proposed course satisfies the stated criteria and a copy of the syllabus for the course under review.


Criteria of Evaluation

  • The course offers a cross-cultural, global, and comparative perspective whichenhances the student's understanding of her/his own and other societies, their relative position in the contemporary world, and human diversity.

  • The course examines a geographic area, culture, or other subject in a manner amenable to cultural anthropology.

  • The course concentrates on or encourages the use of a methodological approach, theoretical framework, or substantive problem of historical importance and/or complementary to cultural anthropology.


Anthropology Course Descriptions