Pre-Promotion Reassignment Support


Assistant Professors in their third year (or equivalent) of a tenure- or promotion-eligible contract and who are engaged in Humanities research may apply for two-course reassignment support  to be taken during the applicant’s fourth or fifth years. This grant is designed to allow faculty who have made sufficient progress toward excellence in teaching to attend to their ongoing research agendas in preparation for tenure and promotion review. Faculty hired into tenure-track appointments with time toward tenure earned at institutions other than Drake are strongly encouraged to defer their applications until their fourth year for reassignments to be taken in the fifth year, to ensure development in teaching appropriate to tenure and promotion review in the sixth year.

Deadline: Monday following Spring Break for reassignments to be taken in the following academic year.


The following criteria will guide the Board in its deliberations and should therefore be explicitly addressed in the project narrative:

• Promise: Understanding that faculty members early in their career are appropriately initiating research agendas, the Board will consider the scholarly promise of the proposed work, including the contributions it is likely to make to its field of inquiry and its engagement with established currents in that field.

• Publishability: The project should be expected to result in publication, public performance, or exhibition. Work expected to culminate in conference presentations or the publication of a working paper, however, falls short of the Center's expectations for research resulting from this support. Proposals outlining work toward peer-reviewed essays or book chapters to be published by reputable academic presses are welcome. Textbooks and reference works are not likely to qualify for support of this kind, except when such works represent a significant advance in their field. However, neither of these is categorically excluded from consideration.

• The project should make a direct contribution to scholarship or creative activity in the Humanities, and deploy those methods characteristic of the humanities, although it need not be limited to such methods.

• The Center’s support must be acknowledged in the published work resulting from the reassignment and, when possible, in announcements, presentations, and publicity materials connected to it. Please see the acknowledgments page for examples of appropriate formulations of acknowledgment.

Additional Information

In addition to explicitly addressing the ways in which the proposed project meets the criteria above, applications must include an overview of the project itself; applicants are welcome to use proposals and reports written for other purposes—for example, to presses, editors, and agents—as the basis for this overview. All proposals must include the applicant's current curriculum vitae. Funds underwriting successful proposals will be released when the Director has learned that arrangements for hiring replacement instruction have been made at the department or program level.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of the Center well in advance of submitting a proposal. Preliminary inquiries may be emailed to

Complete applications should be emailed, as attachments in a standard document format (Rich-Text, Word, PDF) to


In the past, the Center has also required that applicants provide a letter of recommendation from his or her chair or program director attesting to the fact that the applicant has passed third-year review without reservations pertaining to teaching. Recently, the Center for the Humanities determined to leave the details of an applicant's eligibility on the basis of his or her teaching record as a matter for departments and programs to decide.

Accordingly, the applicant's home department or program bears the responsibility for approving the reassignment itself, and applicants for this award should initiate conversations with the appropriate department or program administrators about how to secure that approval before submitting a request to the Center for the Humanities.

The Center's approval is solely a guarantee of that funding to support the requested reassignment will be made available to the department or program granting the reassignment itself.