Humanities Research Scholar Award

In Fall 2012, after discussion with the Humanities faculty at Drake, the Board of Directors suspended the Humanities Research Scholar Award indefinitely, pending increased earnings on the Center's endowment and the success of current fundraising efforts. Those who have already been awarded the HRSA will retain their award and remain eligible for renewal for the full three-year term of the award. The Board has committed itself to reviewing this decision annually in light of any changes to the budgetary situation that might occur. Currently, therefore, the information below is for archival purposes only. 


The Center for the Humanities invites submissions for the Research Scholar Award. The Award, a $3,000 research-support grant renewable for up to three years, is given to a tenured or tenure-track Drake faculty member engaged in the early stages of a major long-term research or creative project in the Humanities. Projects eligible for the award include, but are not limited to scholarly work culminating in a peer-reviewed article or single-author monograph; a collection of artworks or compositions; a film, website, or other work in the new media; a novel, memoir, or full length play; a collection of short stories, poems, or essays. Recipients of this award may use it to offset expenses associated with research or creative activity, to underwrite a 1-course reassignment (with department/program and college/school approval), or to provide direct stipendiary support during the summer.


Because of the wide range of potential projects upon which applications for the Research Scholar Award may be based, the following criteria are meant to guide applicants generally as they compose their applications. They do not, however, exhaust the range of considerations the Board may take into account as it deliberates among the applications.

• This award underwrites a single project, not two or more projects that form part of a long-term research agenda. Accordingly, the proposed project should be of significant stature: articles and essays, single artworks, short compositions, or works whose nature limits their impact or duration (such as an event, happening, or single live performance) are unlikely to earn the support of this award.

•    The proposed work should engage with or respond to established research, writing, or production in its field.

•    The proposed project should engage with questions, problems, or issues central to humanistic inquiry.

•    The applicant's scholarly or creative achievement to date should demonstrate his/her experience, expertise, and qualifications for undertaking the proposed project.

Additional Information

In addition to addressing the criteria above, proposals should also include:

• A detailed timeline of work to be completed in the first year of the award period, with tentative timelines for the two years to follow.

• A budget for the first year of the award period outlining the uses to which the funding will be put.

• Two letters of support—at least one from outside Drake—attesting to the qualifications of the applicant to carry out the proposed work and attesting to the significance of the work to be done.

• A complete curriculum vitae.

• Applicants may include a brief sample of recently published, performed, or exhibited work, but are not required to do so.

Those considering applying for this award are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of the Center before the end of the Fall Semester. Preliminary inquiries may be sent to The Director does not vote or contribute to the Board's discussion of individual applications. Potential applicants, however, should refrain from discussing their proposals with current members of the Board.

Materials, which will be held confidential, should be submitted, electronically when possible, to or to Center for the Humanities, Howard Hall 325. All materials must be received by 1 February 2011.