Center for Advanced Studies


The Center has contracted with The Obermann Center for Advanced Studies—a scholarly facility maintained on the University of Iowa’s Oakdale campus—to offer summer residencies for Drake scholars in the Humanities. These residencies include two months of study and participation in the life of the Center, full scholarly privileges at the University of Iowa libraries, and a $3000 stipend from the Drake Center for the Humanities. The Oakdale facility offers each faculty member an office along with a full-time support staff, computing and other scholarly resources, and other amenities designed to nurture scholarly interaction. The Center maintains an environment characterized by state-of-the-art scholarship and interdisciplinary collaboration. Access to the main campus and its libraries is available through frequent bus service.

Deadline: February 1


The following criteria will guide the Board in its deliberations:

• The scholarly project to be conducted must contribute to teaching and research in the Humanities.
• The project should significantly engage with the scholarly literature and methods of inquiry distinguishing the Humanities.
• The proposed work to be undertaken at the Center for Advanced Studies should contribute to scholarly publication, public performance, or exhibition.
• The applicant should demonstrate a relationship between the project and his or her prior academic experience. This criterion should not be interpreted to preclude use of the study period to acquire expertise in a new area of inquiry.

• The applicant must agree to spend the weekdays of the two-month period on the Oakdale or Iowa City campuses.

• The Board especially encourages projects that foster interdisciplinary schoarly exchange, and those that involve collaboration with University of Iowa faculty members.

• The support of the Center for Advanced Study and of the Center for the Humanities at Drake must be acknowledged in the published work that results from work undertaken during this residency, as well as in publicity material, presentations, and remarks connected to it. Residents should consult the acknowledgments page for examples of appropriate expressions of acknowledgment.

Additional Information

In addition to addressing the criteria above, proposals should include a timeline, detailing the work to be completed during the period of the residency and the applicant's current curriculum vitae.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of the Center in advance of submitting a proposal. Preliminary inquiries can be sent to

Because this is a collaborative program, applicants should be aware that approval from both the Center for the Humanities and The Center for Advanced study is required to secure this residency. The Director of the Center for the Humanities will coordinate the Center's deliberations with that of the Center for Advanced Study.

Additional residency at other times may also be available, although without the stipend. Such arrangements will be negotiated by the Director of the Center for the Humanities and awarded by the Center for Advanced Studies as space is available.

Proposals should be sent electronically, as attachments in standard document format (Word, Rich Text, or PDF) to