Keith Summerville

Keith Summerville



Ph.D. Department of Zoology, Miami University

M.En. Environmental Science, Miami University

B.S. Environmental Science, Westminster College



ENSP 15. Introduction to Environmental Science

ENSP 55. Tropical Ecology

ENSP 101. Restoration Ecology

ENSP 115 / BIO 198. Field Entomology

ENSP 150. Special Topics: Dinosaur Biology

ENSP 191. Senior Capstone Experience

BIO 117/118. General Ecology / Field Ecology Lab

BIO 123. Invertebrate Zoology

BIO 167. Population and Community Ecology


Research Interests:

  • Community ecology of terrestrial vertebrate and insect assemblages
  • Restoration of Tallgrass prairie animal communities
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Conservation biology of forest Lepidoptera 

Selected Papers:

K. S. Summerville, D. Courard-Hauri, and Miranda M. DuPont. 2009. The legacy of timber harvest: do patterns of species dominance suggest recovery of lepidopteran communities in managed hardwood stands? Forest Ecology and Management 259: 8-13.

Hill, E.C., H.J. Vogel, T.R. Rosburg, L. Lown, and K.S. Summerville. Response of a population of Terrepene ornata ornata to long distance relocation. Natural Areas Journal 500-506. Govoni, P.W., K.S. Summerville, and M.D. Eaton. 2009. Nest sharing between an American Robin and a Northern Cardinal. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 242-244.

Summerville, K.S. 2008. Species turnover and persistence in restored and remnant Tallgrass Prairies of North America: a function of species’ life history, habitat type, or sampling bias? Journal of Animal Ecology 77: 487-494.

Summerville, K.S., A. C. Bonte, and L.C. Fox. 2007. Short-term temporal effects on community structure of Lepidoptera in restored and remnant Tallgrass prairies. Restoration Ecology 15: 179-188.

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