David Courard-Hauri

 David Courard-Hauri



BS in Chemistry and Government, Georgetown University

MPA in Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University

PhD in Physical Chemistry, Stanford University



ENSP 35. One Earth: Introduction to Environmental Science

ENSP 50. Poverty, Development, and the Environment

ENSP 107. Civic Environmentalism

ENSP 111. International Environmental Seminar

ENSP 135. Global Change: The Science and Policy of Climate Change

ENSP 153. Ecological Economics

ENSP 154. Environmental Decision-Making

ENSP 168. Dynamic Environmental Modeling



My interests are in issues at the interface of science, policy, and welfare, and generally involve computational modeling. One fairly surprising result of economic psychology is that consumption and well-being are not strongly related after a threshold level of about $10,000 per year. Given the environmental impacts of resource consumption, this suggests the potential for a reduction in economic throughput without a reduction in human welfare if we could only better understand these relationships.


Selected Papers:

Courard-Hauri, D., Haase, R., Consumer obligation and counterproductive consumption: can the things we don’t use affect us more than those that we do? In Review.

Courard-Hauri, D., Lauer, S., 2012, Taking “All Men Are Created Equal” Seriously: Toward a Metric for the Intergroup Comparison of Utility Functions Through Life Values. Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, in press.

Courard-Hauri, D., 2007, Using Monte Carlo analysis to investigate the relationship between overconsumption and uncertain access to one’s personal utility function. Ecological Economics, 64, 152-162.

Courard-Hauri, D., 2004, The effect of income choice on bias in policy decisions made using cost-benefit analysis, Ecological Economics, 51, 191-199.



Friedland, A.J., Relya, R.A, Courard-Hauri, D., 2011, Environmental Science: Foundations and Applications, Freeman, New York.

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