department of art & design


The Department of Art & Design offers majors and minors in Art History, Graphic Design, and Studio Art (with areas of emphasis in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture). While each student is required to select a program for a major or minor, the Department provides a fundamentally interdisciplinary approach to the study and practice of art, design, and art history.

First Year Program // All art and design students begin with the fundamentals in drawing, design, and art history, which are essential to any chosen area of study. These courses will challenge students to develop basic artistic skills as they learn about career opportunities in the visual arts.

The Drake Curriculum // Required of all undergraduates, the Drake Curriculum is designed to help students meet personal and professional goals as they acquire fundamental knowledge and abilities in ten Areas of Inquiry, including communication, critical thinking, artistic experience, historical con-sciousness, information and technology literacy, international and multicultural experiences, scientific and quantitative literacy, values and ethics and engaged citizenship. Students work closely with their academic advisers to craft a program of study in general education that prepares students for civic and professional leadership.

The Department of Art & Design offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art History and both the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art and Graphic Design. The Department is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
This degree is structured with the recognition that many students want an art and design degree in combination with significant concentrated course work in another academic field. Individualized academic goals can be achieved while earning your degree in Art History,
Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, or Sculpture.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
This degree is for students who wish to enter an intensive studio art and design program. Professional skills and a personal aesthetic philosophy are achieved while concentrating in graphic design, drawing, painting, printmaking or sculpture. Students must possess an exceptionally strong commitment to their work. The art curriculum is enhanced by a variety of academic choices from the Drake Curriculum.

The academic minor in art is intended to give students a thorough introduction to art history, studio art design. While the minor is not an exhaustive degree, it serves to compliment students' primary majors.